The Last Four Weeks

We have been so busy the last month or so that by the time we had some quiet time I was either sleeping or just doing absolutely nothing.

Here is what we have been up to.

My husband Scott turned the big 5-0 in November and I threw him a big surprise party. I started planning for it in July and it took lots of planning and telling fibs and lots of behind the scenes chatter with our friends and family to get him to his party without him knowing what was going on. Yes, he was surprised and I was so happy that he was happy!

The weekend after the big party I jumped into being the chairperson for our Rotary Club’s Pancake Breakfast. We had a great time, served lots of pancakes, and Doug got to play a minion for the morning, which was the theme for the breakfast.

Doug and I had another date night but this time we cooked at home together. We did shop first, to buy all of the ingredients for our meal. Grilled salmon, Swiss chard, cheesy rice and then we got a sampler box of cookies from the store for dessert that we had fun rating from 1-10. I love date night with my son. He is a great cook too!

I also spent the last two weeks in October canning and juicing and trying to put the garden to bed for the year. Here are a few pics of my preserving accomplishments this fall.





Here is quick video link of my favorite sound while I canned my grape jelly. Wait for it…

The Professional Domestic Facebook Video

I also have been working diligently on my project for my sweet Mom-in-Law’s Christmas present.

Almost done!

Of course between work, soccer games, Church, Rotary meetings, errands, bills, cleaning, preserving, date nights, cooking, etc., life has gotten a little overwhelming.

In the month of October both Scott’s mother and my father were in the hospital. Scott’s mom with a nasty bout of cellulitis and my dad with his second go around with colon cancer. They both are doing well and we appreciate all of the prayers and cards of encouragement we have received.

God has blessed us with so many small moments of joy these last few weeks. We are truly grateful for the good and even the not so good because in those darker times we have learned to persevere and enjoy the moments we have with our loved ones.

I will eventually get caught up on my Pie Challenge with you but until then I leave you with this beautiful night shot from our fall garden. Scott, Doug and I wish all of you a very happy, restful and thankful Thanksgiving this week! -MM








Week 7 Operation Pie Challenge

I was starting to have a problem coming up with an interesting variety of pies to use in this challenge and then I asked myself why I was limiting myself to just sweet pies? What about savory pies? This opened up a whole new world of recipes for me to try!

Have you seen this photo circulating on Facebook?  taco pie

I thought it looked very yummy so I tried it one night for dinner.

Have you also seen those Facebook posts called “Nailed It” where the picture shows the epic fail of the person attempting to make what they saw in the photo?

Yeah, well here is my attempt to make the above mentioned taco pie.


Nailed it! Um no.

I was pretty disappointed. I did everything the recipe said to do and it turned out like this.

Just before writing this post I googled “taco pie” instead of going on Facebook to get the credit info for the photo and up popped the WordPress blog of Teresa Warner with the same photo. I thought that was interesting so I started to read some of the comments to see if anyone else had a problem with the recipe like I did. Every single person who commented said theirs looked just like the photo. “I must really suck,” I thought. Everyone else got theirs right.

Then one of the comments said that someone else was distributing this recipe and photo on Facebook with an altered recipe. Now we were getting somewhere!

I looked at Teresa’s recipe and sure enough the crappy dehydrated potato flakes the Facebook recipe called for as the bottom crust is actually supposed to be crescent roll dough. **Mental Head Slap**

I bet if I tried the recipe again using Teresa’s recipe it would look just like the photo and most likely taste a whole lot better my friends! I will be trying it again and I will give you an update soon. Moral of the story, do your research on these Facebook recipes that are circulating. From now on, you bet your sweet bippy I will! – MM

P.S. If you would like to check out Teresa Warner’s blog and the correct Taco Pie recipe click on the Taco Pie link below.

Taco Pie