SAL #3 Crown of Thorns

Good morning from windy New York! We are expecting a high wind storm the next 2 days with winds reaching 75-80 mph. I didn’t get a lot stitched these last three weeks. I have been catching up on my reading instead of crafting but if the weather reports are right I will be getting a lot more stitching done if the power goes off.

We have a new member to add to the group this time. Welcome Sharon!

Here is where I left off with Crown of Thorns:

And here he is as of last night:

I worked on the bottom of his beard which was mostly whites.

If you have a chance, please visit the other members of the group by clicking on the links below. We are all working on fantastic projects.

See you in three weeks! -MM

17 thoughts on “SAL #3 Crown of Thorns

  1. We had quite the windy day here in Texas yesterday, but nothing like that! Hope it doesn’t hit you too bad and that your power stays on! Reading sounds like a lovely trade off πŸ™‚


  2. Yes, I can see all the white which must have been difficult to stitch. Well Done! We are having bad weather too…pouring rain turning to freezing rain tonight and also high winds. Great to stay in and stitch.


  3. I agree with Teamwilsun as well, I’m afraid I’m a hermit and I find it hard making excuses when the weather is nice as I still just want to stay indoors to cross stitch haha ! It’s some good work however πŸ˜€


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