SAL #6 Crown of Thorns

Good morning everyone! I got quite a bit done on my Crown of Thorns WIP this last three weeks.

Here is where I left off:

Here is where I am now:

The whole left side of his face is done and the right side is done to the edge of the pattern except for some on the bottom.

Still looks eerily real doesn’t it? Next I will work on the crown of thorns.

One thing I have been having trouble with is the quality of the thread. It tangles very easily and breaks often which is very frustrating sometimes.

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See you in three weeks! -MM

15 thoughts on “SAL #6 Crown of Thorns

  1. Hi!,Sorry if I could not comment on your work,leave you a greeting,in the past few weeks.Due to a violent storm,my internet connection has failed and in addition to damaging the computer has created damage to the central cabin of the network.I hope you will excuse me.I have see a nice advance on your work! I like this!


  2. You have made fantastic progress. Crown of Thorns is looking amazing. Wonderful work! I am so sorry to hear about your issues with the threads. How frustrating!


  3. Are you working with silk thread? I’ve never had trouble with cotton floss breaking. Well, occasionally I’ll get a stretch that was not spun well so it’s thin and shreds but that’s rare. Good luck with the thorns! 🙂


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