SAL – Fraktur Hex #3

Good Morning!

It’s been three weeks since our last update and 2 of those weeks were pretty miserable as I slowly ripped out all of the stitching that was off. But I did have some forward progress.

Here is where I ended yesterday.

No sense in showing the before!

I won’t even mention that I had to rip out another line in the border. Grrr…

I should be back on track (hopefully).

Please do some blog hopping and visit the other wonderful bloggers in this group.

Thank you Avis for your organization of this group. We appreciate you so much!

Hope you all have a Happy Christmas and a wonderful start to your new year.

See you in 3 weeks! -MM

12 thoughts on “SAL – Fraktur Hex #3

  1. I totally know how frustrating it is to have to rip!! Good for you for just doing it – it took me months on my current project to actually pull out all the errant stitches. Your piece is so pretty!


  2. Let’s hope the tricky bits are over now and smooth stitching from here on in. I messed up on the outline of a large motif on my piece and had to take it all out. I’ve since stitched elsewhere on the pattern and will have to face that section sometime. Anyway, take care and Happy Stitching from me!


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