How to Get Out of Your Creative Block or Any Mental Block at All

There is a lot to block us from feeling normal right now which the experts say is understandable.

But we can’t feel this way forever right? It damages our emotional state to constantly feel unmotivated and unproductive. It does me at least.

Even before this world Pandemic I practiced something that whenever I felt a creative block coming on or I felt unmotivated to get moving I would do this one simple thing.

I changed my clothes. Wait a minute…that’s it? Just change your clothes?

Yes, change what you are wearing. I always feel better and more motivated (and creative) when I change into something cool. I put on my coolest jeans, a ruffly, colorful top, a vintage necklace and even put on my best sneakers, and I swipe on some lipstick. I don’t care if the only person that sees me is me. If I look better, I feel better. Then I go take some photos of dishes and of course I look awesome doing it.

Changing into something that isn’t sweats or pajamas is what makes you feel better. It sets you up to succeed. You might feel comfy in your PJ’s but let me tell you in the long run it hurts you. It keeps you unmotivated, trust me.

I want to paint my bathroom and I have been putting it off all day. I am going to put on my cool ripped jeans, a cool graphic t-shirt, a pair of my awesome vintage earrings and put some Metallica on my ipod and started painting.

Try it. Change your clothes šŸ˜‰. – MM

5 thoughts on “How to Get Out of Your Creative Block or Any Mental Block at All

  1. Showered and changed my clothes to start the week, lol – your so right. Couldn’t;t find the comment button for the SAL which gave me the chance to really look at some of your great post. Great food/kitchen ideas, like clean out that spice cabinet šŸ™‚ Really impressed with the progress made on your SAL project too. Both are gorgeous!


    • Geez I wondered why no one commented on my SAL! Thank you for letting me know Sharon. Somehow the “Allow comments” button was not checked so I just fixed it. Thank you so much for the kind words. I need to get back into blogging more than just SAL posts again. šŸ™‚ Feels good to put something on other than PJ’s doesn’t it? What part of the country are you in? Stay safe!


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