Quarantined Day Three

Symptoms are still mild for both hubby and I.

For me, more nausea, stomach upset, and chest ache. Restless leg has been so bad the last two nights that I have had to take Tylenol to ease it. I haven’t had restless leg since I was pregnant 20 years ago!

Hubby’s symptoms are still back pain, headache, runny nose at times and brief coughing here and there.

We got tested today at our local CVS. It was a little weird going through the drive-thru and having the clerk walk us through the testing procedure which we had to do on ourselves. It was easy though and hopefully we didn’t screw it up. Results in 2-4 days.

Meanwhile, we had a dumpster delivered last week and had to get going on getting it filled so after we got home from testing we spent about an hour hauling stuff up from the basement. It was exhausting but needed to be done.

After lunch we napped, did a couple of light chores, had dinner delivered from a local restaurant and lastly I got a little cake frosted for us to enjoy.

Hey when you work close to 70 hours a week like we both do, just being together to eat, no matter what the circumstances are, is a blessing!

This experience has brought our life to a screeching halt. It’s just us and the cats. No work, no going out to church or meetings, no grocery shopping or errands.

I don’t like the reason and I am scared of what may come but we needed this halt to our life. We really did. We needed the rest and the time to be together.

More tomorrow…- MM

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