Quarantined-Day Four to Six

I didn’t post the last 2 days because I felt a bit silly doing so. I was feeling fine actually.

I felt good enough to take a walk yesterday to the creek behind our house. I bundled up and even wore my mask to keep warm. But about half way through I started to regret taking such a long walk. I almost called my husband to come get me in the car but I pushed on and got back home out of breath and tired. By night I was not feeling well and I went to bed early.

This morning I didnt feel great but better than last night.

I did get my test results back and they were negative. This is a bit frustrating because why do I feel crummy still?

My husband still hasnt gotten his tests results back yet. He feels worse today with a stuffed nose and a bad headache and he lost his sense of smell and taste last night.

Some people have said I might have had a false negative. We administered the test ourselves so did we do it right?

I guess we just will have to see what his results are.

More later! -MM

3 thoughts on “Quarantined-Day Four to Six

  1. Hey Mary, it is possible that you tested yourself before you had hit the level that registers positive. I’ve now had 20 kids in my studio go through the COVID adventure, and my small experience has shown me that there is a definite correlation between onset of symptoms and test results. (These have all been tests from the health dept. I’m talking about.) In many cases, there was a + result and a 2 day lag before real symptoms. The common cold is also rampant, and allergies, so those first sniffles and head aches could have been something different, but the added strain on the immune system made fighting off another virus, COVID or not, too difficult. Initial symptoms may not have been COVID, but 24 hours later you might have been contagious, and then not been symptomatic for another two days.
    Here at the studio, I have been marginally exposed three different times, but the onset of symptoms for the person with COVID always put them just at the edge of when they were likely contagious, so after the first go round, we changed our attitude a bit. When I get the call about a + test, I ask lots of questions about timing of the test and when symptoms start, then back track to determine where my day 5 falls. I take the necessary precautions for my students, but now know that if the exposure was marginal (or likely not at all) I feel pretty safe once we hit day 7. I still wear a mask when teaching, and keep close to home, but don’t worry any more.
    This is likely too much information, but it might help you figure out where you fall in the timeline.


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