Quarantined-Day Seven

Last night was terrible. The nausea and shaking and dizziness hit me right after dinner. I dragged myself to bed and waited it out. Nothing came of the nausea thankfully other than feeling like I got hit by a bus this morning.

As the day went on today I felt better and now feel pretty good.

My husband’s test result came back positive so unless I am super human…which maybe I am…I too must have it.

The Health Department called to follow up with him and to do contact tracing. They were amazed we hadn’t left the house since Saturday afternoon and that we had been so careful not to come in contact with anyone since then. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Apparently most people still go out because they haven’t been officially quarantined yet.

The Health Department said I should get another test so I went this evening and got another one done. Results again in a few days.

We rested as much as possible today and so far so good. I hope we are near the end of this sickness!

Thank you for all of your well wishes and offers to run to the store for us. We really appreciate all of the love.

More later – MM

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