Quarantined – Who Knows What Day it is

At this point I have lost count on what day it is. Maybe day 10?

I was retested last Friday and yesterday I got my test results and again they were negative. How could this be? I have continued to sleep with, kiss and hug my husband this whole time. I feel sick so what’s the deal?

I have had multiple people tell me it has taken three and four tests to prove they were sick. This is totally unacceptable in my book.

Because I keep testing negative, now I have to stay in isolation for another 10 days AFTER my husband is released which was last night at midnight. I can’t go back to work or leave the house until February 4th. This is a bit of a nightmare for me but I am trying to keep calm about it.

I have a virtual appointment this afternoon with my regular doctor to see what she thinks. My symptoms are strange. Yesterday I could not stop feeling this shaky, low blood sugar, want to crawl out of my skin feeling and the restless leg is well…relentless at night.

I definitely have a very different perspective on this virus and how it is being handled in our state.

I still plan to post about my observations but need to rest right now and get better.

More later – MM

4 thoughts on “Quarantined – Who Knows What Day it is

  1. hmmm all I can say is, there was a small family cluster in the neighbourhood a few weeks ago. 6 out of 10 tested positive. Strangely, the 4 who tested negative, are all married to someone who tested positive . . . and 2 weeks later, after retesting, the 4 négatives are still negative. Of those who tested positive, 2 had minor symptoms, 2 felt awful for more than a week, and 2 didn’t feel sick at all.


  2. I do hope your regular doctor can help you out with this. It would seem reasonable that you are quarantined 14 days after your symptoms begin, assuming you are feeling well and not coughing, but obviously a lot of this is not based on common sense….still praying, hope you start feeling better real soon!


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