SAL Fraktur Hex #21

I got whole lot more stitched the last three weeks but would have gotten more done if it wasn’t for my husband and I coming down with Covid. We are fine now thankfully and both back to work!

Here is where I left off:

And here is where I am now:

I admit I am getting a bit weary of this project and am looking forward to a finish!

Please visit the other stitchers in our SAL. They are doing wonderful pieces. Thank you to Avis for continuing to keep us on track and organizing all of us. See you in another three weeks! -MM


8 thoughts on “SAL Fraktur Hex #21

  1. I am so sorry that you and your husband were sick with COVID. I am glad that you recovered quickly. Despite being weary of your project it is very pretty and you arre close to a finish. Enjoy your stitching.


  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly. I hope you’re feeling much better now. Well done on the stitching. We’re all cheering you along to get this one finished. When we start to get tired of a project it’s time to soldier on and then the reward is to start something new. Go, go, go!!


  3. I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better now. That can’t have been pleasant.
    The cross stitch is coming along nicely and will be finished soon, I’m sure. Do you know what you want to stitch next?


  4. Happy to hear you and your husband are better. It sounds like you are at what I call the “mile 12” part of this project! When I run half marathons I’m always so happy to get to the 10 mile marker because it feels like the race is almost done … so the 11-mile marker comes up pretty fast. But then I get tired, and maybe even a bit bored, and mile 12 is always a struggle. I know that it’s my hardest mile, but I just try to refocus and get across the finish line! This piece is so lovely and you’re so close. Not long before your happy dance.


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