Quarantined Day One and Two

My husband and I were both exposed to people who tested positive for the Corona Virus and now we are experiencing symptoms. We get tested tomorrow for COVID (our first time) and have quarantined ourselves to keep others safe just in case.

I thought it would be interesting to keep a daily account of what we experience and how we feel each day.

Day One

I woke up with nausea and stomach upset. Not the greatest way to start the day. This continued most of the day but by dinner my stomach felt better. Other than the stomach upset and ache I just felt an all over malaise. No fever, cough or congestion

My husband had a headache, and was very tired. Again, no fever, cough or congestion for him either.

Day Two

I woke up with slight stomach upset and backache but that went away. Mostly today I have been tired, glands swollen and again just a blah feeling.

My husband still has a bad headache, is coughing more and has a runny nose off and on. Very tired though!

We assume our tests will come back positive for COVID-19 but it could take days to find out for sure.

I pray our symptoms will stay mild. Many people ask how can you assume you have COVID with so few symptoms? My answer to that is everyone has different symptoms. I would rather assume we have it than be out in public and find out later we tested positive.

More tomorrow – MM