Quarantined – Who Knows What Day it is

At this point I have lost count on what day it is. Maybe day 10?

I was retested last Friday and yesterday I got my test results and again they were negative. How could this be? I have continued to sleep with, kiss and hug my husband this whole time. I feel sick so what’s the deal?

I have had multiple people tell me it has taken three and four tests to prove they were sick. This is totally unacceptable in my book.

Because I keep testing negative, now I have to stay in isolation for another 10 days AFTER my husband is released which was last night at midnight. I can’t go back to work or leave the house until February 4th. This is a bit of a nightmare for me but I am trying to keep calm about it.

I have a virtual appointment this afternoon with my regular doctor to see what she thinks. My symptoms are strange. Yesterday I could not stop feeling this shaky, low blood sugar, want to crawl out of my skin feeling and the restless leg is well…relentless at night.

I definitely have a very different perspective on this virus and how it is being handled in our state.

I still plan to post about my observations but need to rest right now and get better.

More later – MM

Quarantined-Day Seven

Last night was terrible. The nausea and shaking and dizziness hit me right after dinner. I dragged myself to bed and waited it out. Nothing came of the nausea thankfully other than feeling like I got hit by a bus this morning.

As the day went on today I felt better and now feel pretty good.

My husband’s test result came back positive so unless I am super human…which maybe I am…I too must have it.

The Health Department called to follow up with him and to do contact tracing. They were amazed we hadn’t left the house since Saturday afternoon and that we had been so careful not to come in contact with anyone since then. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Apparently most people still go out because they haven’t been officially quarantined yet.

The Health Department said I should get another test so I went this evening and got another one done. Results again in a few days.

We rested as much as possible today and so far so good. I hope we are near the end of this sickness!

Thank you for all of your well wishes and offers to run to the store for us. We really appreciate all of the love.

More later – MM

Quarantined-Day Four to Six

I didn’t post the last 2 days because I felt a bit silly doing so. I was feeling fine actually.

I felt good enough to take a walk yesterday to the creek behind our house. I bundled up and even wore my mask to keep warm. But about half way through I started to regret taking such a long walk. I almost called my husband to come get me in the car but I pushed on and got back home out of breath and tired. By night I was not feeling well and I went to bed early.

This morning I didnt feel great but better than last night.

I did get my test results back and they were negative. This is a bit frustrating because why do I feel crummy still?

My husband still hasnt gotten his tests results back yet. He feels worse today with a stuffed nose and a bad headache and he lost his sense of smell and taste last night.

Some people have said I might have had a false negative. We administered the test ourselves so did we do it right?

I guess we just will have to see what his results are.

More later! -MM

Quarantined Day Three

Symptoms are still mild for both hubby and I.

For me, more nausea, stomach upset, and chest ache. Restless leg has been so bad the last two nights that I have had to take Tylenol to ease it. I haven’t had restless leg since I was pregnant 20 years ago!

Hubby’s symptoms are still back pain, headache, runny nose at times and brief coughing here and there.

We got tested today at our local CVS. It was a little weird going through the drive-thru and having the clerk walk us through the testing procedure which we had to do on ourselves. It was easy though and hopefully we didn’t screw it up. Results in 2-4 days.

Meanwhile, we had a dumpster delivered last week and had to get going on getting it filled so after we got home from testing we spent about an hour hauling stuff up from the basement. It was exhausting but needed to be done.

After lunch we napped, did a couple of light chores, had dinner delivered from a local restaurant and lastly I got a little cake frosted for us to enjoy.

Hey when you work close to 70 hours a week like we both do, just being together to eat, no matter what the circumstances are, is a blessing!

This experience has brought our life to a screeching halt. It’s just us and the cats. No work, no going out to church or meetings, no grocery shopping or errands.

I don’t like the reason and I am scared of what may come but we needed this halt to our life. We really did. We needed the rest and the time to be together.

More tomorrow…- MM

Quarantined Day One and Two

My husband and I were both exposed to people who tested positive for the Corona Virus and now we are experiencing symptoms. We get tested tomorrow for COVID (our first time) and have quarantined ourselves to keep others safe just in case.

I thought it would be interesting to keep a daily account of what we experience and how we feel each day.

Day One

I woke up with nausea and stomach upset. Not the greatest way to start the day. This continued most of the day but by dinner my stomach felt better. Other than the stomach upset and ache I just felt an all over malaise. No fever, cough or congestion

My husband had a headache, and was very tired. Again, no fever, cough or congestion for him either.

Day Two

I woke up with slight stomach upset and backache but that went away. Mostly today I have been tired, glands swollen and again just a blah feeling.

My husband still has a bad headache, is coughing more and has a runny nose off and on. Very tired though!

We assume our tests will come back positive for COVID-19 but it could take days to find out for sure.

I pray our symptoms will stay mild. Many people ask how can you assume you have COVID with so few symptoms? My answer to that is everyone has different symptoms. I would rather assume we have it than be out in public and find out later we tested positive.

More tomorrow – MM