2015 Not Resolutions but Goals

2015 Not Resolutions but Goals

Happy New Year! Many people have resolutions they try to keep every year but I prefer the term “goals”. Goals seem more attainable. I have 12 goals for 2015. I wrote them all down and I refer to them almost every day. It helps me stay focused when there are so many things in my life that could distract me.

The twelve goals are:

1. Renovate our only bathroom and replace the window in our son’s bedroom.

2. Catch-up on and read my favorite daily blog – “Feed Your Family for $100 a Month” by Mavis Butterfield. Also Catch-up on and read a really great e-magazine “From Scratch”.

3. Journal daily

4. Pay off one of our two credit cards

5. Organize our attic

6. Exercise 3 times a week

7. Read one book a month

8. Send out birthday and anniversary cards each month

9. Make copies of my Granny’s recipes and give a copy to each of our family members.

10. Digitize my Dad’s family’s photos and make photo books and give CD copies to each of our family members

11. YouTube/Blog at least once a week

12. Read the Bible from cover to cover with my husband

Sounds like a lot huh? I am excited though. I really want to accomplish all of these goals this year. I think I can do them all too. Well I hope anyway.

A pic of my Grandfather Charles F. Yacuzzo during World War II

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