SAL-Crown of Thorns #11 -Finish

I am doing my happy dance! Thirty-three weeks working on this project and I am finished.

Here is where I left off last time:

And here is the finished piece:

I had my husband hold the fabric up in a different light and look at the difference it made below:

The better light completely transformed the face of Jesus so you can see His full jaw line.

This was a very challenging project for me because of the colors and the thread quality but in the end I hate to be cliche but it certainly was a journey for me.

Thanks all for cheering me on! See you in three weeks with a new project. -MM

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I personally think one of the greatest technological inventions of the twenty first century is the screenshot.

I’m being a little dramatic of course but screenshots are so unbelievably handy. Aren’t they?

I screenshot stuff everyday. Funny text messages, listings on Ebay, photos on Instagram, pictures of a certain china pattern for my business, and hey what about a screen shot of the mugshot of a guy you know that showed up in the police blotter. Don’t laugh. It’s happened.

Screenshot of S’mores donuts!

I have 481 screenshots in my phone right now dating back to December 30, 2017.

When was the last time you scrolled through all of your screenshots? I found it pretty interesting to look through mine. I found tons of china patterns of course, cross-stitch patterns, cupcake and cake examples, a couple of photos of Jamie and Claire from Outlander, gardening, and greenhouse examples, cars from when my son was looking for his first car to buy, hotels for our trip coming up to Ireland, outdoor cat houses, uses for old silverware, books I want to read, even a picture of two guinea pigs…don’t ask, I have no idea either.

I want to make these beautiful smudging sticks!

I wanted this 63 lbs of flatware!

Looking back almost two years at my screen shots is rather like looking at a journal. One week I was obsessed with cat houses and the next week vintage spoon cabinet door handles were on my mind. I got over the guinea pigs apparently.

Dreamy isn’t it?


I bought this dress on Poshmark. What do you think?

When was the last time you looked back at your own screenshots? Give it a try! I had a lot of fun looking through mine. If you are a fan of my Professional Domestic page on Facebook leave a photo of a screen shot you remember taking (or don’t remember taking) and let’s see what was on our minds.

I will leave you will a couple of screenshots of cat houses. Next post is the finish of Crown of Thorns! 🙂 -MM

Husband will you make this for Coby and Mr. Gray?

Wowsers! Now that’s a cat house!

Not Impressed With our Debt Week 52 of 80

It has been a couple of months since I have checked in and for that I apologize. One very good thing happened in my time away from you and that very good thing would be I got our Home Equity loan paid off!! Yes! The last $300 of that balance and filing fees was paid in June and I am just waiting for my recorded discharge.

Even though our debt balance went up because of the medical bills and tractor, that home equity being paid in full is quite an amazing feeling. Having a debt of $17,000 get paid in full is a big accomplishment. We can handle these smaller debts much easier.

With $328 a month freed up from the Home Equity payment we can put it into the medical bill debt. When I started the medical bill debt was $3461.27. So far this month I have gotten $518.78 paid on that debt and it is now down to $2942.49. Not bad!

One more debt we have added to which I am fessing up to right now is we are going to Ireland this summer for our daughter’s wedding. Yes Ireland! Normally we wouldn’t take such an extravagant trip but this is a special circumstance. With this trip we have learned a lot about traveling internationally so far and with that came the cost of three passports, hotels, car rentals, airfare, insurance, and spending money. We paid the passports in cash because we could not charge them but the rest, you guessed it, had to go on the credit card. Hey, it’s a rare change of a lifetime and what’s an extra $3000?

So after medical bills, new tractor, and a trip to Ireland our debt is back up to $32,080.81.

Not great huh? After we get back from Ireland our school taxes are due and we need our boiler looked at before snow flies so I will probably not have much of a chance to get any extra debt paid off until October. Major bummer. However, in October there are five paychecks for each of us so my goal is to get $1000 extra paid off in the month of October.

Thanks for the support on all of this my friends. We know you are rooting for us. I’ll check back in, in a couple of weeks! -MM

I would love to hear about your debt repayment goals and what has worked for you. Message me at with your debt stories!

SAL-Crown of Thorns #10

I do admit I am mad at myself for not finishing this project up this last three weeks. I just couldn’t quite get it done though. Too nice outside, festivals to help out at, holidays, work, Vacation Bible School….you get the picture.

Here is where I was last update:

Here is where I am now:

Impressive right?

Just a small amount on the side then I am done!

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See you in three weeks with a happy dance! -MM

SAL #9 Crown of Thorns

I really can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since our last update! I still haven’t finished this project. Summer has finally arrived here in NY and I have been in my garden and outside on hikes when I am not at work.

I did make some progress though so hopefully you can tell the difference. Here is where I left off last time:


and here is the point I am at now:

More of the thorns is completed and I am slowly making my way to the left side of the chart.

I hope to complete this project in the next week. I might need a snow storm to get it done though!

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See you in three weeks – MM

Young Crafters Series – Evelyn Naujokas

I met friendly, young, Evelyn Naujokas while I was shopping at a small, local, home goods store in a neighboring town. She was watching the store for the owner who was on vacation out of the country and while people browsed she sat behind the counter patiently waiting to cash them out. I noticed she was working on a rag hooking project. This piqued my interest of course, being a stitcher myself.

I struck up a quick conversation with her intrigued by her quiet attention to her project. This was her first rag hooking project, which an older friend of hers had started her on. I asked her a few questions about her experience with the project which she happily answered. She cashed out my purchase and then I was on my way.

A day or so after that conversation with Evelyn I couldn’t stop thinking about her and her WIP (work in progress) so I messaged the owner of the shop, who is a lovely woman and friend and I asked her if the young woman watching her shop that day would be interested in sitting down with me for an interview for my new blog series on young crafters. She said absolutely!

Evelyn and I met a week later at the local library and for almost an hour we chatted about the things going on in her life, most especially her new love for rag hooking.

First let me tell you what rag hooking is. Rag hooking in my mind is a bit different that rug hooking in that you are using strips of old fabric instead of bits of yarn. While scraps of rags helped to use and not waste leftover fabric to make rugs a hundred years ago, now in the twenty first century people hand dye fabric to make it a craft instead of a necessity. A pattern is hand drawn on the canvas to be used and the fabric strips are pulled through with a crafter’s hook to make a raised loop which after hooking many raised loops along the hand drawn pattern an image forms.

I asked her how she became interested in this type of craft considering there are so many other kinds of crafts to learn. She said her boss at the restaurant she serves at part-time hosts a rag hooking crafters group once a month for food and conversation and of course hooking. Evelyn said she used to watch the group and what they were working on and after a few times of her boss observing her watching the group, presented Evelyn with her own rag hooking kit!

A little background on Evelyn….She comes from a traditionally conservative family with three sisters, all of them crafty in some way. They love to go to flea markets and turn their finds into treasures. Each of her sisters and parents have different crafting styles ranging from sign and furniture making, to watercolor painting and gardening. Evelyn is currently a student at Monroe Community College majoring in Interior Design but she also expressed interest in being a Sommelier. A Sommelier is a Wine Steward who works with managing wine selection, purchase, storage, sales, and service in the hospitality industry.

Part of our conversation turned to how rag hooking helped her manage her stress level during school finals and other stressful times in her life. We even talked about her view on social media and the good and bad that can come from using our phones and being on media like Facebook and Instagram. We both agreed it was very easy to waste large amounts of time on social media and browsing the Internet mindlessly. Evelyn said what she loved about hooking was at the end, when the project was done, she had something tangible she had accomplished. She does not get that feeling from scrolling through Facebook. What she did like about social media was seeing new ideas and styles.

I really enjoyed my time with Evelyn and I plan to stay in touch with her to watch her progress on her project.

I think crafting really brings people and their creativity together. I belong to a Stitch-A-Long (SAL) group where a group of us from all over the world, update our progress on our Works in progress (WIP) every three weeks. Now how would I have ever gotten to know these wonderful ladies if not for my stitching?

I plan to post throughout the summer, stories of different people I hear about that are bringing back vintage crafting styles. Believe it or not these types of crafts are not just for “old ladies” anymore. Instagram shows young people with extraordinary talent in long forgotten crafts.

There is so much more I could write about my conversation with Evelyn Naujokas but suffice it to say I think she is a very talented and personally engaging young woman with a good head on her shoulders. Thank you Evelyn for indulging me with my new blog series. It was truly a pleasure!

See you next week everyone with another young crafter’s story! -MM

SAL 8 Crown of Thorns

Good morning from sunny New York! I really can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since our last check-in.

I have been working mostly in my garden so not as much progress has been done on Crown of Thorns as I would have liked but here it is…

Where I left off last time:

And where I am now:

I have 4 more colors to do on the crown and then done!

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See you in 3 weeks. -MM