SAL Update Project Onions and Gourds

Christmas is over in the bakery for us and this year we baked over 550 dozen cookies. That’s over 6600 cookies! That doesn’t include the dozens of breads, pies, rolls and other sugary confections we made.
Needless to say I got zero progress done on my SAL in the last three weeks. My hands needed a rest. I will have an update in January again with hopefully tons of progress made.

I may not have gotten any stitching done this time but I am sure my other fellow stitchers made more progress than I did. Please hop on over to their blogs by clicking the highlighted links below. If you would like more info about joining our group’s stitch-a-long please contact Avis who is the first link in the group.

See you in three weeks!


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SAL Update #4 Project Onions and Gourds

This time of year is very tough for me to get much stitching done because I am a baker. Yesterday was a 10-1/2 hour day and it will only get worse as the weeks leading up to Christmas get closer. Throw my son’s and husband’s work schedules and basketball schedule in there and well…you know what I mean.

I worked on this project for about a week. I finished most of the first onion but for some reason was obsessed with finishing the black negative space of the project.

Here is where I was last time:


and here is where I am now:

I have been working on a few Christmas presents in between things. Here is a gift I stitched for my mother who loves to read:

Our Next Update is New Year’s Eve I believe (my son’s 16th birthday :)) I hope you all have a happy Christmas!

Please visit the other stitchers’ blogs in this group. I can’t tell you how talented this group is, you’ll have to see for yourself. -MM


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SAL Update #3 Project Onions and Gourds

I have had so many projects going on at once that Project Onions and Gourds didn’t get as much attention these last three weeks as it should have. Here is where I left off last time:

And here is where I am as of today.

The onion is almost done. Another onion goes to the left of the gourd too. I may not get much done until after the new year with work and Christmas.

But what’s really exciting is on Friday my son and I went thrifting at the Goodwill and I can’t believe what I found. There were eight Rubbermaid plastic boxes filled with envelopes on the shelf I was looking at. It took me a second to realize what was inside but when I saw a skein of embroidery floss and the numbers on the envelopes I bought three out of the eight boxes. Each box was $9.99. When I got home every one of the envelopes was filled with brand new skeins of floss. There were 305 in total! What a find! Now I want to go back and buy the other five boxes. You just never know what you are going to find while out thrifting.

Please visit all of the fantastic blogs in the SAL by clicking on the links below. I promise you will be impressed! See you in three weeks 🙂 -MM

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Random Thoughts

The last two months have been a challenge. I had surgery in September and was on a 10 lb. weight limit for lifting for 6 weeks. That in of itself was a big challenge because all I do is lift stuff at the bakery. Luckily the six weeks went by quickly and I am back to my normal self with only a few aches and pains here and there.

I have been restless though. All of the bills came in from the surgery and added thousands of dollars of more debt on to us. With our high deductible health insurance plan, what we had to pay out of pocket was way more than I expected. At first I was upset, which isn’t a surprise, who wouldn’t be, but after a phone call to the hospital and a payment plan later it will eventually get taken care of.

Still restless. I have been researching what it would take to earn a degree in herbal medicine. I am fascinated with plants and what they can do for us. Alas though, money and time are not on my side so I have been getting as many books as I can check out from the library and devouring them on the topic.

Restless still, I got a new phone after four years and this one actually works. It doesn’t shut off in the middle of using it and it keeps it’s charge. Unfortunately it works so well I can play games on it again. You know those Candy Crush and Pigs flying around kind of games that are super addictive? Yeah, I wasted 3 whole days playing a stupid game on my phone, ignoring my husband and home responsibilities for a genie and gems. I’ll never get that time back. I realized what I was doing and promptly went into the app and disabled it. I felt better after that. No withdrawal, but I felt stupid. A day later the little genie tried calling me back when she popped up on my notifications saying she missed me. Delete. No wonder we are addicted to stupid stuff.

Ok, this restless thing is making me restless. I am a grown woman but I can’t seem to make myself stay focused and get my work done. I know I have a lot on my mind and I can give any excuse I want but bottom line is I have no real routine anymore. Do you find this to be true for you too?

I was watching The Talk on CBS the other day and one of their topics was that Walmart was working on home delivery service for groceries. Great. But get this. Walmart is not only working on delivering right to your home but they will also put your groceries AWAY for you so when you get home your fridge and pantry will be well stocked. So someone will have a temporary one-time use security code for your home (if you have a security system), they will unload the groceries and put them away for you. Seriously people how lazy can we get. How impersonal and removed from society are we going to take ourselves? “I don’t have the time to go grocery shopping,” is what I hear from people. We all say we don’t have time to do stuff. That’s just bullshit. We do have the time.

Here’s an example. I saw a woman, probably in her sixties, cashing out canning supplies a few months ago at the store and I, being my friendly, nosy self, asked her what she was going to can. She told me she was working on tomatoes but she wasn’t doing it for herself, they were for her daughter and son-in-law. “They just don’t have the time,” she said. “They are so busy with their children and they are both teachers.” I tried not to roll my eyes. We are all busy with our children and families. You have to want to make the time.

I haven’t posted in a while other than my SAL (stitch-a-long) posts because, well, I have been doing stuff. My Facebook addiction is done. I don’t care about it anymore so I have been doing stuff. Actually cleaning my house, mopping floors and cleaning baseboards. You know, the glamorous stuff your mom used to do every week. I have been changing bed sheets every week and vacuuming under the couch cushions and down the back steps. I ripped apart the china cabinet and re-arranged and cleaned every dish and glass on the shelves.

My restlessness has gotten less restless. I still have my days where I am not focused and wonder if I need medication haha. There are also days that my brain won’t stop with creative ideas and I have to calm them in order to stay on task.

If you find yourself saying, “I don’t have the time,” stop and ask yourself what you can do to make time for that idea. What can you cut-out? What can you take off your plate to add this one thing you want to accomplish?

I want to make the time to finish painting my baseboards. I have the time for it, I really do. I guess I better get off the Internet then and get moving. I’ll put some music on and a pair of old jeans and I’ll be done by noon. See you! -MM


SAL #2 Project Onions and Gourds 

It’s been three weeks since my first update on my new project. Project Onions and Gourds is a gigantic stitching dream for me. My largest yet. Ten pages to be exact.

I got a lot done! 

Here is where I was last time:

And here I am at present:

Hopefully by next time I will have a couple of onions done!

Please visit the other stitchers in our group to see what they are up to.  I promise, you will be impressed by their beautiful work!

See you in another three weeks.

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SAL #1 Project Onions and Gourds

First off this update, I have to apologize that I missed the update 3 weeks ago. I was preparing for surgery that Tuesday and my mind just was not on stitching.

Everything turned out beautifully and I am feeling fine and almost completely healed and back to work. During my recovery I got some stitching and reading done which was relaxing and kept the pain at bay.

I did, however change my SAL project for this group. I just was not feeling my own charted project that I was working on so I have put that aside and have chosen to work on the gigantic Onions and Gourds Cross Stitch Project instead.

Here is a photo of what the project will look like when it is finished:

and here is my progress so far after three weeks:

Doesn’t look like much yet but maybe you will see it take shape in the next three weeks.

Please check out the other stitchers in the Stitch-a-Long and see what they are up to. There is some fantastic work going on with these folks that I am excited to catch up on.

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See you in three weeks!




Food Preservation Goals and Garden Update September 13, 2017

The summer has flown by and we are now in the middle of September already!

I never got a second crop of anything in because I have been so busy with work now that the college workers are back in school. It has been a fabulous growing season mostly for us. The wet Spring damaged a lot of our fruit trees but the garden itself produced its heart out for us.

I am having surgery next Tuesday and will have a 10 lb. weight limit put on me for six whole weeks which will drive me nuts at work but will unfortunately cut my gardening season short this year as well.

It’s ok though, like I said our little garden out-performed itself this year and I actually kept up on it for once.

As far as the preserving of all of this lovely produce, here’s where I have been super busy!

  • Strawberry Jam
  • Grape Jelly
  • Peach Jam
  • Blackberry Jelly
  • Dandelion Jelly
  • Honeyed Yellow Tomato Butter
  • Basil Banana Pepper Jelly
  • Apple Sauce
  • Grape Juice
  • Pickled Beets
  • Canned Beets
  • Vegetable Stock
  • Vegetable Soup
  • Blackberry, Peach,  Cordials
  • Frozen Corn
  • Frozen Peppers
  • Frozen Beet Greens/Chard
  • Red Root Relish
  •  Crushed Tomatoes
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Frozen Winter Squash and some stored whole
  • Chili
  • Stuffed Sweet Peppers
  • Frozen summer/zucchini squash
  • Shredded zucchini
  • Strawberry Syrup
  • Blackberry Syrup
  • Dill Pickle Relish
  • Sweet Pickle Relish

With my surgery cutting my growing season short, it also cuts my preserving goals a little short too. I still plan on getting the grapes and the apples done but the beets might have to wait until next year.

I made a gigantic pot of chili using my tomatoes, peppers, onions and garlic and will get that in the freezer for easy meals today.

I have also been busy drying herbs. Basil and lemon balm so far. Chives will get frozen, parsley and sage will also get dried as well.

I’ll post one more update sometime in October to wrap up my season.

What have you been up to this summer with your garden and preserving? I would love to hear from you! -MM