Ripley Victory Garden 2022

I posted a month or so ago My Garden and Preserving Goals for 2022 and have been working towards those goals since then.

So far this year I have planted:

  • Garlic
  • Sweet peppers
  • Lunchbox peppers
  • Eggplant
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Peas
  • Tomatoes
  • Rhubarb
  • Basil
  • Onions
  • Potatoes

I purchased 2 blueberry, 12 asparagus, and a new cherry tree

I still have a lot to get planted but everything is doing well and weeding has been kept up.

I’ll keep you updated on things as I add them! -MM

Week 22 – What We are Eating and How Much We Spent on Groceries

It’s been a few weeks since I posted what we are eating and grocery costs. My goal was to keep costs under $100 per week but I just haven’t gotten there yet and this week is no exception. I spent $110.00 at the Marketplace and even though I canceled my subscription to Misfit Market they still sent me a box of produce for $38 grrr…. I will be watching to make sure that doesn’t happen again with them. So all totaled we spent $148 on groceries.

There is another blog I read where her goal is only spending $100 a month! Some months she is successful and some months not so much. I think how she shops is impractical for 95% of the population because a.) it’s just her and her hubby, her children are all grown and b.) she gets a lot of care packages from her mom and his mom and c.) they eat a lot of beans and rice, again just not practical for my family. If I was just feeding me and the boy I could probably get away with it but not with the hubby. I still love reading what she eats every week though so there’s that lol.

The only meat I bought this week was a pack of ground beef which I will make into tacos tonight for Taco Tuesday. I still have chicken which will be made into stir-fry and sausage for the grill in the freezer from last week so those will be dinner too and I want to do a pasta dish with the fresh veggies I am getting from Misfits.

I find that because of working full time and doing all we do in the community… and the garden… and the housework, the control I am seeking when it comes to our meals is not there yet. I am looking forward to taking a break from some of my community responsibilities this year and concentrating on our home and well being.

I am also going to flip these “What we are Eating” posts to “What we Ate” posts then I can post recipes I used and accurate photos. So I will post Sundays what we had the previous week and how much I spent and you will also see when we eat out too this will make me more accountable.

Have a great week! – MM

Getting Rid of our Junk Week 8 of 54

For week 8, I pulled a King which means 75 items to purge or a large project.

There has been a very large project that I have been putting off since last year so I kicked myself in the behind this week and started working on it. I went to the hardware store and purchase another gallon of white fence paint and a long skinny roller. I don’t want to reveal exactly what I am working on yet but over this long weekend and with hubby and I both home my goal is to get all of it done. Cross your fingers. Here is a sneak peek.

I don’t know why I have put this project off so long. My guess is that I overwhelmed myself and overthought the complexity of it. Once I got the right tool, seriously just a small long paint roller, I have been on a mission.

This project is running over into 2 weeks so I am drawing another card for week 9. The card is a 7! Whew I was getting worried with all of these large face cards.

Already two months down! See you next week -MM

Getting Rid of our Junk Week 7 of 54

For week 7, I pulled a Jack which meant 25 items to purge.

This week I decided to use the Jack for a project instead of just getting rid of 25 items. I have been procrastinating on cleaning my kitchen desk. It is a dumping ground for junk and mail and books and papers.

Here is my starting point:

In 16 minutes I had most of my desk cleaned off and the garbage taken out of the house.

I undoubtedly threw out more than 25 items on that desk but it was more important to clean it off and help eliminate the unsightly pile from the kitchen.

Now, with that task done I pulled a card for week 8. It’s a King πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ. Ouch that’s a 75. Maybe the Hubs should get rid of 75 of his neckties lol!

Already two months down! See you next week -MM

Getting Rid of our Junk Week 5 and 6 of 54

For week 5, I pulled a Queen which means 50 items and because I was so late with week 5 I pulled week 6 along with it and got a 2.

Each week I try to pick an area to declutter and my husband and son brought up this week’s area. My son was commenting that he couldn’t sit on one side of the couch because it was filled with blankets and pillows that we use to snuggle up with on cold days. My husband brought up that we have a blanket chest right in the living room we could store the blankets and pillows in but it’s full of puzzles, CD’s, VHS tapes, DVDs, magazines and fabric. I had to laugh because he said maybe I should use the blanket and pillow predicament as this week’s decluttering project.

It took me a few days to have some time to get to it but I did just that this morning. I hauled everything out of the chest and cleaned and organized what I put back in. I bagged up all the puzzles but two, the magazines, most of the CD’s and threw out some of the VHS and a few odds and ends.

After folding the blankets on the couch and putting them and the pillows away…look! We can sit on the couch now!

I love this game. I have been wanting to clean out that chest for years!

For the 2 card I pulled this week I am getting rid of these two bottles. A few years ago I was obsessed with making fruit cordials and picked these two up at a flea market. I made a lot of cordial but never liked these two bottles so in the rummage sale they go!

For week 7 I pulled a Jack. So 25 more items will be going out the door this next week. I’ll report back after I figure out what area I want to attack next.

How are you doing with your decluttering? Addictive isn’t it? -MM

White Bread Recipe Step By Step

This recipe is for a basic white bread. This dough can be used as a base for just about anything. Add raisins and you have raisin bread, add blueberries and cinnamon brown sugar and roll it and you have a wonderful breakfast bread or braid it and top it with pepperoni and cheese and you have pizza bread. Or bake it just as it is and have an amazing turkey sandwich for lunch.

This recipe makes 2 large loaves and 1 smaller loaf. Start off with 4 cups of warm water then add 2 tablespoons of yeast, 2 tablespoon of salt, 1/4 cup of sugar and a 1/4 cup of shortening.

Either by hand or with a mixer with dough attachment, mix the ingredients together for about a minute to activate the yeast.

Next add in about 4 cups of all purpose flour or bread flour. Mix to incorporate. Keep adding more flour a cup at a time (you’ll need 9 to 11 cups) until a soft ball forms in the center of the bowl or the dough is no longer sticky. If mixing by hand, knead the dough for about 5 minutes adding flour when needed to keep it from sticking. If mixing with a dough hook and mixer let the mixer do it’s job and knead for 5 minutes.

Beautiful and fully risen!
Loaf fully risen and ready to go into the oven

Preheat oven to 375 degrees and bake for 25 to 30 minutes until the bottom is golden brown. You can pop the bread out of the pan to check the bottom and then slide it back in the pan if it needs more time.

Hope you enjoyed this bread making tutorial. I’ll be adding the recipe to my new recipes page soon. Have a great week! -MM

Getting Rid of our Junk Week 4 of 54

For week 4, I pulled a Joker. This is the highest card to pull and thankfully there are only 2 of them.

Oh did I have fun with this card. Last Saturday with it being so gloomy I turned my phone off, turned on Blue Bloods in the bedroom and spent 3 hours going through all of my clothes, linens, closet, dresser and bedding. Then I added in my son’s bedding and the clothes he wanted to donate. In all I collected 11 bags of clothes and linens to put in the collection box at the Methodist church. I also washed a couple of winter coats and have 2 quilts in the car ready to go to the dry cleaner. The beds were stripped, linens washed and put back on both beds.

Paperwork wise I went through a few things from my Rotary Club notebooks that I didn’t need anymore and recycled all of it.

Upstairs I packaged up and returned a set of dishes to someone that hadn’t gotten a bite on my Estsy site, which is too bad because they were pretty Wedgwood and another covered dish went back to another friend that didn’t sell.

Lastly I went through screenshots on my phone and deleted 263 photos. And that completed my Joker card for 500. Whew! That was a lot!

It was a fantastic day of going through and purging. I hope to duplicate that day again soon. I love how clean and organized our bedroom is now. Absolutely amazing feeling!

For week 5 I have pulled a Queen. Sheesh! What are the odds?

Thank you all so much for the encouraging words about this year long purge. Many of you have jumped aboard and started purging too. I love that! See you all next week -MM

Project – Joyce’s Rose

I have been a stitcher for over 35 years and have completed so many projects. Some I have given as gifts and some I have kept for myself.

The project I am currently working on is very special to me. Both my mother-in-law and father-in-law have dementia. It’s been very hard because there is no real caregiver with both of them suffering fromΒ  it. We live 2 hours away and my husband goes to see them almost every weekend now.

I was poking around in my mom-in-law’s china cabinet one day and I found the dishes she used for special occasions. It’s an older pattern from the 60s but it has such a clear, distinct rose design. I photographed it and scanned the photo into my WinStitch pattern maker PC program. After a few adjustments and removal of any background color I had a very big and very stitchable pattern to work from.

Here is the original dish and the photo I took and finally the pattern I made.

I have since divided up the pattern into 12 sections so I can get one section done a month (or more if I have time).

I have completed 3 sections and am almost done with the 4th. Here is my progress so far.

I was a little nervous about making my own pattern especially with a project this large but so far I think it is turning out nicely. I hope to get the rest of section 4 done in the next 2 days which means I will be a quarter of the way through! Believe me there is a lot more to stitch 😊

I am stitching on 32 ct beige linen which I have already had to frog a couple of times because if I am off a half a stitch it throws everything off…sigh.

Finally for this post here are my lovely in-laws Bob and Joyce who have been married since 1960. The project is called Joyce’s Rose and I would very much like to finish it by the end of the year in her honor.

I’ll keep you all updated on my progress each month. -MM

Week 17 – What We are Eating and How Much We Spent on Groceries

It’s been a few weeks since I posted what we are eating and grocery costs. In week 15 I spent about $200 on all kinds of fun stuff so for weeks 16 and 17 I haven’t spent much at all. Week 16 was $48.96 and this week I spent $49.17.

The only meat I bought this week was a pack of 6 Italian sausage links and last night we had 4 of them with corn and green beans. Tonight we are going to have big salads with the other 2 leftover sausages and some leftover pork tenderloin. I won a frozen turkey at a meat raffle a couple of weeks ago so tomorrow with it being 30 degrees I’ll roast that for our dinner. That turkey should carry us through the rest of the week!

For breakfasts the boys have just been eating their Eggo waffles but I have been really enjoying the quiche so again this week I’ll use up the rest of the bacon, plus add broccoli and cheese to it. Quiche are great for using up those extra leftovers in the fridge.

I also want to get some baking done to use up some fruits and such in the freezers and some of the jam before the new years canning season starts. I even have a quart of grape juice in the freezer that I need to make jelly with.

The goal the rest of the year is spending less than $100 a week on groceries until the garden is in full swing then from June till fall my goal is to spend less than $55 per week. Think I can do it? I am pretty sure I can πŸ™‚

There is one more thing before I sign off today…I would love to blog about more things each week. There are so many things like recipes, cooking, baking, stitching, gardening, canning and preserving that I would like to write about but I guess I have been overly cautious about overwhelming everyone’s inboxes. If you don’t mind then I’ll go ahead. I guess I’ll let you decide which posts you have time and want to read right?

That’s it for now! Have a fantastic week πŸ™‚ -MM

Getting Rid of our Junk Week 3 of 54

I had an interesting response from a reader after last week’s post. The reader loved the idea of clearing the clutter in her own home but didn’t feel that they really had that much stuff and she would struggle with the high cards such as the Kings which would be 100 items.

I want to explain my philosophy with this card game and clearing clutter from my life. The large number cards I reserve to go through my filing cabinets and get rid of paperwork and the small number cards I generally reserve for larger items like furniture and small appliances.

But remember this whole project’s goal is to declutter and clear out the stuff that is taking up space in our lives so that could also mean emotional mind space. You could delete 100 emails that you have been procrastinating on or trash 500 photos from your phone that keep you from feeling organized because it takes an hour to find what you are looking for.

We all individually set what the number on the card means for us. You could even use the cards to finish certain projects. (Example: Paint one chair for 50 which would be a Queen).

For week 3 I pulled a 3. I have to admit I struggled because I wasn’t ready to get rid of any more large items so I decided to do something else with the 3 card. I have been procrastinating about getting some things done with the Farmers Market stuff I needed to do. I am the Market Manager for our Town’s weekly summer market. This stuff has been weighing on me and for the purpose of this card game I decided to use the 3 to get this stuff done and off my mind.

I completed 3 things for the Market this week:

  • Completely updated the market’s website with current info for the 2022 season.
  • Filled out and submited the market’s paperwork to NY state
  • Updated the Market’s info on Local Harvest which hadn’t been done in over 10 years.

I am happy to say I got all of that done in only a few hours and off my mind for the year. See how that works? That emotional mind space is now clear of to-do list clutter.

For Week 4 I pulled a Joker. Yikes, that means a 500! That’s ok…I have lots of paperwork to toss 😁

If you would like to check out the LeRoy Farmers Market’s updated website please click on

Happy decluttering! -MM

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