My Child is Not a Child Anymore!

I gave birth to my son December 31, 2001. This year he turned 16. He doesn’t exactly like the term “Sweet 16” but is was sweet for me none the less. Bittersweet actually.

I have seen such a change in him since last year. The moodiness of a young teenager has lessened and a more mature young man has emerged. He thinks of what he wants to do in his future and has already started planning for it accordingly.

When he was just 15 he started working at the grocery store with me and his dad. Cashiering is perfect for him.

I was a little worried, I must admit about how he would take to working. How he would feel with a different schedule every week and how he would juggle school, work and basketball practice. I was right there listening to his words and ready to act if he got too overwhelmed and a couple of times he did, but in the end I just let him sort through those feeling himself. If he needed an ear I was there but otherwise my philosophy so far has been to watch and see what happens.

I can’t tell you how wonderful and how extremely liberating it is for a young person to have a job and to start becoming independent. The money my son has earned has not been lost on him.

Items I would normally buy for him are not quite necessary for him to survive now that he has to pay for them himself. I see him value money much more and it makes me laugh out loud sometimes!

He has opened a checking account, has a debit card, has gotten a driver’s permit, has been looking at used cars and figuring out how to pay for one with his own money and he has become very thoughtful with his new found wealth.

The laptop I am typing on right now was mostly purchased with his own hard earned money. I was almost embarrassed to accept such an extravagant gift from my young son but he said I deserved it for all of the things I have done for him. Also for Christmas he bought a brand new coffee maker for his father which was a proud moment for my ex-husband as well.

Next year, in his junior year of high school he will be attending afternoon BOCES classes and will be studying computers and many manufacturing and engineering principles. He also has his path for college mapped out and hopefully, if all goes well he will graduate from college with a degree in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in computers.

I hear a lot from the generation ahead of me how the next generation is entitled and lazy and whose work ethic is sorely lacking. And do you know what I say to that? I think the youngest generation emerging into the work force is smarter and more advanced than any other generation before us.

They need to be challenged. They need to be engaged. They need to be pushed. They need to be given the freedom to explore and dream. They need their talents used and not pushed aside.

I am so excited for my son. I am excited to see what he becomes. Thank God I survived his terrible two’s and his temper tantrums (because he was a real shit lol!) and those sleepless nights. I keep telling him good thing you were so cute…

How about you? What is your parenting philosophy on teens working? What was your first job? Mine? I was a private gardener 😉 -MM





SAL Onions and Gourds Update

Ok it has been such a busy, exhausting three weeks that I got no stitching done at all. Zero, nothing, nada.

Hopefully things will be getting back to normal now so I can get some stitching done!

Please check out my other fellow stitchers by visiting their blogs. Hopefully they got more done than I did!

See you in three weeks!


SAL Project Onions and Gourds #8

I have had so many side projects this last theee weeks I am surprised I have gotten as much stitched as I have. Add to that a vacation to Pittsburgh and South Carolina and a sick baker at work and well…

Here is where I was last time I posted on my SAL:

And here is where I am now:

That second gourd is kind of a fat boy lol. Next update I will also add what the finished project will look like so you can get some perspective.

I belong to a group of stitchers who updates their progress every three weeks. Please feel free to check out my fellow stitchers to see what they are up to!

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Project Onions and Gourds #7

I am so excited! I got a ton stitched this time. Things are starting to take shape although it’s still messy looking. It will be much more recognizable as gourds and onions next time.

Here is where I was last update:

And here is where I am now:

Another gourd is taking shape!

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I want to welcome new member Sunny to the group! Here is the link to her blog. sunny

See you in three weeks! -MM

SAL Project Onions and Gourds #6

What a beautiful sunny, winter morning it is here in Western NY! I can’t wait to get more stitching done today since I finally just got going again after the holiday.

I have spent the last five weeks organizing the huge amount of embroidery floss I received as a gift from my husband. Over 1000 skeins! I was so involved with getting the floss on the cardboard spools that I have only spent a couple of days stitching on my Onions and Gourds project.

Here is where I was three weeks ago on it:

and here is where I am now.

Not much, but it is something.

Please visit the other bloggers that are in our SAL (Stitch-A-Long). They are doing some beautiful work and you will see many types of stitching from these ladies. If you are interested in joining our SAL please contact Avis who is in the lead out of the links below.

See you in three weeks!

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SAL Update Project Onions and Gourds

Christmas is over in the bakery for us and this year we baked over 550 dozen cookies. That’s over 6600 cookies! That doesn’t include the dozens of breads, pies, rolls and other sugary confections we made.
Needless to say I got zero progress done on my SAL in the last three weeks. My hands needed a rest. I will have an update in January again with hopefully tons of progress made.

I may not have gotten any stitching done this time but I am sure my other fellow stitchers made more progress than I did. Please hop on over to their blogs by clicking the highlighted links below. If you would like more info about joining our group’s stitch-a-long please contact Avis who is the first link in the group.

See you in three weeks!


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SAL Update #4 Project Onions and Gourds

This time of year is very tough for me to get much stitching done because I am a baker. Yesterday was a 10-1/2 hour day and it will only get worse as the weeks leading up to Christmas get closer. Throw my son’s and husband’s work schedules and basketball schedule in there and well…you know what I mean.

I worked on this project for about a week. I finished most of the first onion but for some reason was obsessed with finishing the black negative space of the project.

Here is where I was last time:


and here is where I am now:

I have been working on a few Christmas presents in between things. Here is a gift I stitched for my mother who loves to read:

Our Next Update is New Year’s Eve I believe (my son’s 16th birthday :)) I hope you all have a happy Christmas!

Please visit the other stitchers’ blogs in this group. I can’t tell you how talented this group is, you’ll have to see for yourself. -MM


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