Easter Sunrise Service

20150405_070926_resizedI have to admit that I had never been to an Easter sunrise service. I have been to every 10:00 Easter service, every year, for forty years but I have never gotten out of bed in the early dawn to attend a sunrise service. I regret that now.

A few months ago I told our Pastor that my husband and I would like to host this year’s Easter sunrise service. I wanted to experience it and I figured the only way that might happen was if we hosted it at our home.

Easter week was a tough week at work. I was just coming off of being sick for a week with a stomach virus unlike anything I had ever experienced and I was behind. I had a lot to catch up on and I needed to get all of the specialty items prepped for Easter sales. Bunny cakes, Easter egg bread, St. Joseph’s bread, Easter wreathes, dinner rolls, loaf breads and cookie cakes were on the to-do list.bread5

After being pulled automatically through the tunnel that is holiday baking I came out on the other side tired as usual but excited this time unlike usual. I was excited for Easter morning. All week we watched the weather forecast. It was going to be cold that morning. About 27 degrees to be exact. And snow. About an inch or two. These reports did not discourage us.

In addition to the service we also would be serving breakfast afterwards. On Saturday evening I spent about two hours prepping everything for the morning. I baked the quiche, mixed up the dry mix for the scones, cut up all of the fruit, and had the danish and sweet roll dough rising in the fridge over night. I went to bed excited.


We woke up the next morning at 5:30. Our guests were coming at 7:00. I baked everything I had prepped the night before. My husband set up the chairs outside in the cold side yard. People started arriving. My first Easter sunrise service.

Although it was not a sun filled morning, it was crisp and calm. A calm like no other. Most Easter services are filled with glad rejoicing. With singing of praise to our risen King. What I had experienced at this service was calm knowledge and peace. The cold air outside conveyed a peace that our sins were forgiven and that atonement flowed from our Lord to us. What I had been missing all of these years was a more intimate experience with Christ’s Resurrection. A quieter time to reflect and be thankful for His sacrifice.

20150405_071311_resized20150405_071259_resized (1)

The service lasted about 20 minutes. We sang hymns, read scripture and listened to the sermon. After worship, we gathered in the warm house and sat in fellowship sipping hot coffee and eating our breakfasts. We were a joyous group.


My husband and I hope to host Easter sunrise service again. Even though it was cold and a little snowy this year I plan on being there next year. I don’t want to miss it ever again.    -MM

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