SAL Project Peacock #3

Boy 3 weeks goes by fast! Time for another SAL (Stitch A Long) post. Mr. Peacock now has a name, Salvador (Sal for short) I think Avis suggested the name so thank you Avis!

At this point, progress on Sal’s tail is slow going and giving me a bit of an eye twitch.

Here is Sal three weeks ago.


And here is Sal now.

Not bad considering I have been busy with Easter and gardening and a sick child all week.

I did have to rip out part of the tree trunk on the right side if you notice from the last photo. I was off by one row. Most times I will work around a mistake but I just couldn’t get it to line up correctly so I ripped part of it out. What a pain!

We will see where I am in another three weeks.

Please check out the other SAL member’s blogs by clicking on the links below. They are doing some fantastic work! If you are interested in joining the group please contact Avis who is the very first link.
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15 thoughts on “SAL Project Peacock #3

  1. Sal is looking very majestic, and I know exactly what you mean about the eye-twitch lol. I’ve worked on projects that had my eyes doing that.


  2. Looking good! I too like to work around my mistakes, haha. I think I have an extra row in my Pooh Bear’s head that’s constantly causing things not to line up, but I make it work 😉


  3. Oh my, you’ve made a lot of progress since I last visited! Sal is looking gorgeous! It’ always annoying when you can’t work around an error and have to take stitches out. The little needlepoint cases I’ve been working on come pre-finished. Most often I buy them as kits with the design printed on the canvas and embroidery floss included. Blank canvases are available too though. You can completely unzip all around the case to do the needlepoint and then zip it back up to use the case. Wonderful little projects! I get them online most often ( but have seen them in Hobby Lobby.


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