SAL- Autumn House #2

Even with all of my canning and preserving, I worked on multiple WIPs the last three weeks!Autumn house got the most done on it out of all the projects. Here is where I left off last time:

And here is where I am now:

Here is a short video of me stitching the Autumn House.

I also started a project, which for the first time I designed myself and it even has some embroidery elements. I also used a 32 count linen which I have never been brave enough to use before. It took me a bit to get used to stitching over 2 squares but I got it!

I have some tweaking to do. Still not sure about the red hearts.And the most exciting project I worked on the last three weeks is big project #1 out of two I have as a goal this year for my 20 for ’20…Fraktur Hex by Modern Folkart Embroidery

You’ll see more on this next time.Thanks for checking in with me and I will see you in October!I belong to a group of fine stitchers in this SAL. We all stitch different things during our check-ins so please go visit their links below to see what we are all up to! I would like to welcome Susan and Anne to the group!

15 thoughts on “SAL- Autumn House #2

  1. Suddenly there’s so much color on your Autumn house! Wonderful! Your original design looks good to me, I think the two hearts are appropriate. That fraktur pattern will be a challenge – hopefully a fun one. πŸ˜‰


  2. Mary Margaret, that autumn house is nearly finished! What a cute little make this is. The modern fractal looks like another wow in the making! I love stitching over two threads on large count fabric, it gives an added texture, almost like a canvas.


  3. Hi, I just love this post. I’m loving the colours in Autumn House. Kudos for making your own design which is sweet and trying the 32 count linen which is what I usually work with. Just need very good lighting. Your video is very relaxing…I enjoyed that as well.


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