SAL -Project Fraktur Hex #2

I spent so much time the last three weeks working on Fraktur Hex and I was so excited to show my progress but I realized late last night that I had made a mistake that had devastating consequences.

That may seem overly dramatic but as many of you know having to rip out two weeks worth of work is definitely devastating. And a real pain in the ass for lack of a better phrase.

Here is where I left off last time:

And here is where I got all the way up to:

I looked at the pattern wrong on the scroll work in the border which set the center part off by about 6 stitches.

My husband said just go with it and not rip it out but that would throw the entire project off because it is symmetrical. I can’t hide that big of a mistake.

I am so upset! Ugh…

I may not get a whole lot of progress done for next time but it will be correct and that’s the most important thing.

Please do go and check out the other bloggers and see what their projects look like. Hopefully they did better than I did this time! -MM

22 thoughts on “SAL -Project Fraktur Hex #2

  1. It’s a real pain to have to rip out but it’ll be worth it. like you, if something isn’t right , I have to re-do it. Do the ripping and put it out of sight for a week or so. When you pick it back up, it’ll be as if it never happened.


  2. UGH!! I know EXACTLY how you are feeling! I just spent hours and hours pulling out stitches in one of my projects. What a major pain in the neck! But I’m really glad I did it, and now I can move forward. I hope the ripping goes smoothly and you are back on track soon.


  3. Jeepers, it looks so pretty! It sounds like you can’t get around it and have no choice but to rewind. Hate when that happens. If it is one stitch off, I will leave it. Oh well, you will get it perfect then and will carry on. It will be worth it as it is so sweet.


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