SAL-Fraktur Hex #13

This has been such a busy month that I have had no time to stitch so I woke up th his morning and stitched a bit before posting today just to say I got something accomplished lol!

Here is where I left off last time:

And here is what I did this morning. Lots more leaves to go!

I hope all my fellow stitchers have been more productive than I! Please visit their blogs to see what they have accomplished the last three weeks. See you in 3 😊-MM


22 thoughts on “SAL-Fraktur Hex #13

  1. The emails from Avis usually send me into a panic as I’m sure SAL weeks go by quicker than normal weeks LOL
    At least you got a bit done, which sounds like an achievement with your busy schedule 🙂


  2. I suspect we’ve all done some last-minute stitching so we have something to show! My stitching cycle seems to be 1) get the reminder from Avis, start stitching; 2) go to take pictures for the blog post on Saturday, think I haven’t gotten much done, stitch some more; 3) promise myself to make more time to stitch this round, so stitch a lot for a few days; 4) not touch the project again until we get back to 1. Well done getting any stitching done when your life is so hectic!


  3. A little stitching is better than none as we say so often in this group. However the reason its said so often is because its true, and we do have other things in life apart from stitching to deal with, so don’t worry about it.


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