Old School Address Book

This week started off badly. On Monday morning Doug missed the bus so I got to work an hour late and as I was getting out of the car to go into the building I realized I had forgotten my cell phone on the desk at home. GASP! This day was not starting out well. To add to that my store is going through a major renovation and the contractors are now working in my area of the store ripping and tearing.

Missed bus + no cell phone + renovations and mess = major eye twitch!

The entire day I was constantly wanting to check a cell phone that wasn’t there. Has this ever happened to you? I hate it. I hate that a cell phone is a drug for me. Truly. I want to drop kick it over a cliff. But I can’t. I don’t have a house phone anymore.

Ok, I said to myself so no one will bother me that’s all. No texts, no updates, no notifications and no phone calls equals peace and quiet and high productivity for the day right?

Yeah right. What I came to realize was I actually use that cell phone for more than just Facebook.

I use it as a watch. I use it as a calculator. I also use it to call my son after school to see how his day went. But hey, I can use the store phone to call him right? Wrong. I don’t even know his freakin’ phone number! I just usually push the button on my cell phone for the last time I called him and it dials it for me. Ugh.

So I called my husband from the store phone and sheepishly asked for Doug’s phone number. I felt like such a schmuck.

This is where old ways and new ways collide for me. They don’t print actual phone books anymore. I couldn’t have simply looked Doug’s phone number up in a printed phone book because there is no such thing now and his number is not a land-line.

Twenty years ago I knew everyone’s phone numbers by heart. I had to physically dial them for one thing. No pushing a button and it dials it for you. Everyone had a land line so the phone numbers all started with the same three digits and if you didn’t know the number you looked it up in a phone book that had three counties worth of numbers in it. People also kept a personal, hand written address/phone book in their desk or purse as well.

We count on our cell phones too much. My husband Scott shattered his phone (I really need to pay for the extra insurance next time if you know what I mean) and instead of taking it to a professional to have the glass replaced he decided to take a stab at replacing it himself. So with a replacement glass in hand and a handy dandy You-Tube video in front of him he gave it a go. Unfortunately it was much harder than he anticipated and after 30 minutes of tiny glass shards flying and burning his hand with the hair dryer he gave up. What was really unfortunate was he just threw the phone out. To add to that he didn’t have a clue what his user name and password were to retrieve his contacts in Google. He had hundreds of contacts in his old phone that are now permanently lost. Not to mention the photos.

Photos is another post in the future but the lesson for all of us here is that having a written back-up somewhere is not a bad thing. Yes it is old school but I plan on keeping a little address book in my purse from now on just in case. It won’t be all of the numbers I have in my phone, just the most important numbers like family numbers, school, the vet, stuff like that.

Look at this super cool Norman Rockwell inspired address book. I think I am going to see if Santa will leave it in my stocking this year. -MM






How Do I Get So Much Done?

Right now I am reading the Little House on the Prairie, by Laura Ingalls Wilder series and am currently on book 6. The old ways fascinate me. Believe me I won’t be giving up modern conveniences like proper healthcare, electricity, flushing toilets or hot showers any time ever, but I wouldn’t mind giving up cell phones and Facebook or even car payments for a while.

So many people ask me, “How do you have time for so many things and still work full time?” The answer? I don’t waste my time on Facebook all day. How many hours in your day are you wasting taking silly tests and looking at profiles of people you don’t even know? How about the 10,000 memes a day you have to wade through on your newsfeed just to get to one decent post that actually means something to you?

Let me ask you a question. What did you do with your time before the internet and cell phones and social media? Me personally? I can tell you I was a whole lot more productive that’s for sure. I actually cleaned my house for one thing and ran errands every Saturday from 8 am until noon after which I would come home and make myself lunch and watch the Victory Garden on PBS. I had a day of the week I grocery shopped and a specific night where I sat down in my cozy apartment kitchen and had enough money to enjoy paying our bills. I also hand wrote the envelopes and signed the checks to pay those bills instead of mindlessly using the bill pay option on my bank’s website.

We’ve lost the enjoyment of accomplishing things with our hands and millennials in particular have convinced us we need to do everything with the click of a mouse.

After writing an email to Anthony Ongaro of Break the Twitch I have a new perspective on how I want this blog to represent me. He asked me in his return email what I hope to accomplish with my blog. I thought long and hard about that question from him and I think I finally know what I want to accomplish with my writing. I want to educate, inspire and reveal to you that a combination of old and new ways can be more satisfying than you ever thought possible. I have a feeling that many of my friends and acquaintances are unsatisfied and unfulfilled in their lives but have no idea why. I know that I have been unfulfilled and unsatisfied because I have let the old me go and the unproductive new me take the forefront.

I hope you will join me on this journey of finding that balance between old ways and new ways. I know this may sound a little vague but you’ll understand more as you read future posts.

Thank you to Anthony Ongaro, who I greatly admire for his writings on the buying and social media rut we have found ourselves in, for his question of what I want to accomplish in my writing. If you would like to read some of Anthony’s writings or watch his podcasts please feel free to check him out Anthony Ongaro www.breakthetwitch.com.