A Pallet Garden Fence and My Latest Reads


My husband Scott has been saving wood pallets for quite some time now and a few weeks ago while I was at work one Saturday he and Doug made me a fabulous fence made of the pallets.

I was stunned when I got home though he had texted me a few progress pics during the day. It was beautiful! Also, everything he used we already had in the garage so it didn’t cost a thing.

What a wonderful husband and son I am blessed with.

What do you think?




He will finish the front when he finds more pallets and he plans to add a gate.

I think a bird bath, or water fountain and some white lights will make it a hangout as well as a peaceful place to garden. Thanks boys!


Scott and I signed up for the Summer Reading Program at our local library and have been reading some really great books.

The reading program always gets me to read books I wouldn’t normally try if not for the categories it specifies.

So far I have read GI Brides, by Duncan Barrett and Nuala Calvi, The Reluctant Widwife, by Patricia Harman, Top Secret 21, by Janet Evanovich, and currently I am reading My Mother was Nuts a Memoir, by Penny Marshall. All great reads!

Our library is the best. They always have what we need and if they don’t they can transfer it in from another library in the system. They have great adult, teen and children’s programs, wonderful book sales and a friendly staff. You can’t beat it!

If you would like to check out any of these titles I just mentioned you can go to my new Amazon.com store. I also have a few canning and baking items I can’t live without also available.

Here is a link