Has Anyone Not Been Touched by Cancer?

Tomorrow my mom and I will be traveling to the VA Hospital to sit and wait while my Dad has his large intestine removed due to another go around with colon cancer.

At the age of 42 my Dad had part of his small intestine removed after his first diagnosis of colon cancer. For almost 30 years he has lived with a colostomy. Now at the age of 70 he once again is fighting cancer and all of his large intestine must be removed due to a cancerous tumor blocking the flow through it.

I am writing this post not only to ask for your prayers of healing for my Dad but also to tell you that this could have been prevented.

It had been five years from his last colonoscopy and for a man with this kind of history with cancer, waiting five years in between exams could have proven deadly. No excuse in my opinion, justifies not getting regular exams and preventative check-ups with your physician.

My Dad has not been the only member of his family diagnosed with colon cancer. His mother was also diagnosed in her fifties with it. That many years ago the treatment was not terribly kind. Although she did not have to have a colostomy she suffered decades of stomach and intestinal irregularities because of the massive amounts of chemo they flooded her small body with.

With this kind family history of colon cancer it was recommended that I start having colonoscopies in my thirties. At 38 I had my first colonoscopy and everything was fine.

Please, PLEASE if you have any family history of cancer or any other kind of preventable disease keep up on your yearly exams. It could be a life saver! -MM

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