SAL Update Project Peacock June25

I am so close to being done, but unfortunately I just couldn’t finish Mr. Salvador in the last 3 weeks. I ran out of the light brown and didn’t get to the craft store until a few days ago because I was so busy with work and home responsibilities. 

So, here is where I was last time.

And here I am now.

Sorry for the bad photo. The rest of the piece is very light in color and a bit boring so I have struggled to make any more progress. Hopefully you can see where I have been working on the flowers and branches.

One thing I did get accomplished this week was framing my poppy project. The frame, mat, and glass were only $2.50 at the thrift store. It’s just sitting in the frame but at least it’s protected right?

Please check out the other members of the group by clicking on the names below. You won’t be disappointed!

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