My Forward Focus Goals

One of the blogs I love to read when I get a notification in my inbox is “Break the Twitch”. Essentially Anthony Ongaro is trying to help us break the twitch from touching our cell phones every 5 seconds to see if we have notifications. Do you do that? It’s a nervous habit for me. A compulsion really.

I read his article Four Types of Personal Growth and decided I was in the forward focus stage. I typed up a whopping 19 point list I wanted to forward focus on. Yikes! My life must really need some better direction. Yes and no. If it was 10 years ago I would not have a stinking smart phone and I wouldn’t be on Facebook and Instagram or even WordPress for that matter. My mind then was directed exactly on what I wanted to focus on. Now? I twitch every 5 seconds looking at my freakin’ cell phone. Not terribly focused huh?

Here is my 19 point list of what I want to forward focus on. I think you will see it’s a lot but it really is what I should be doing anyway. Not checking my phone all the time.

What I Want to Forward Focus On

Being a Homemaker/Cleaning

A regular cleaning schedule

Finishing projects before starting another

Home Improvement

Decorating for seasons and holidays regularly

Decorating for the home in general

Spring/Fall Cleaning Work Days

Family Time/Corresponding

Regular outings and dates planned/Date Night with Doug

Keeping track of birthdays and anniversaries

Doing things at home with meaning (Movie nights, game night)

otto tomato5


Keeping office desks organized

Getting the attic and basement organized and purged

Getting both bedrooms organized

Bathroom and kitchen organized

Garage organized and purged

Paperwork organized and purged


Publishing an ebook about mixes

Publishing a book on personal family recipes


Blogging consistently

Listing the blogging projects I want to do and moving steadily forward on them


Fencing done

Fruit trees bought and or pruned and fertilized

Herb garden built

Raised beds cleaned and maintained

Flower beds cleaned and maintained

Compost maintained

Enjoying the dirt and the sounds and the smells and the beauty






Lunch and breakfast organized

Dinner prepped


Meal Planning


Effective Errand Running

Weekly time for grocery shopping

One day a week with a list of errands


One Project a year

Work a little bit on it every day



Read a little bit a day

Visit Library once a week



Magazines monthly

takedown twenty

Rotary/Farmers Market/Church

Work on twice weekly

Schedule meetings

market displays4





Personal Hygiene

Let’s just say I need to shave my legs more than once a month and leave it at that.

Being Efficient at Work

Keep a list for questions or things on my mind

Be more efficient with inventory and gross profit

No roaming

Stay on task

Have the next task in mind always

Stay within the time I schedule for myself

Bible Study

Daily devotions

Bible reading

Praying purposefully



Personal Projects

Old photos of family and organizing current photos

Recipes organized from mine to the family’s

Headboard project


Debt Management

Work on it every day

Think on big purchases 24 hours

No buying on credit card


Garden parties

Halloween party

Birthday parties

Euchre nights

Rotary Euchre night

Sunday night dinners

progressive dinner 2012

Managing Schedules

Doug’s sports

MM’s meetings

Scott’s Meetings/little league commitments



See these aren’t really unreasonable goals right? How many times have you plunked down in the recliner after a long day of work and heard that “ping” from Facebook saying you have a personal message and then you sit on your phone or computer for an hour scrolling through all of the quotes your friends put up on their newsfeeds and then after the fog lifts from your brain you realize you aren’t getting that hour back, EVER. I hate it. So now I look at this list when I catch myself scrolling mindlessly through Internetland. It give me a focus and reminds me what is most important to me. -MM

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