I personally think one of the greatest technological inventions of the twenty first century is the screenshot.

I’m being a little dramatic of course but screenshots are so unbelievably handy. Aren’t they?

I screenshot stuff everyday. Funny text messages, listings on Ebay, photos on Instagram, pictures of a certain china pattern for my business, and hey what about a screen shot of the mugshot of a guy you know that showed up in the police blotter. Don’t laugh. It’s happened.

Screenshot of S’mores donuts!

I have 481 screenshots in my phone right now dating back to December 30, 2017.

When was the last time you scrolled through all of your screenshots? I found it pretty interesting to look through mine. I found tons of china patterns of course, cross-stitch patterns, cupcake and cake examples, a couple of photos of Jamie and Claire from Outlander, gardening, and greenhouse examples, cars from when my son was looking for his first car to buy, hotels for our trip coming up to Ireland, outdoor cat houses, uses for old silverware, books I want to read, even a picture of two guinea pigs…don’t ask, I have no idea either.

I want to make these beautiful smudging sticks!

I wanted this 63 lbs of flatware!

Looking back almost two years at my screen shots is rather like looking at a journal. One week I was obsessed with cat houses and the next week vintage spoon cabinet door handles were on my mind. I got over the guinea pigs apparently.

Dreamy isn’t it?


I bought this dress on Poshmark. What do you think?

When was the last time you looked back at your own screenshots? Give it a try! I had a lot of fun looking through mine. If you are a fan of my Professional Domestic page on Facebook leave a photo of a screen shot you remember taking (or don’t remember taking) and let’s see what was on our minds.

I will leave you will a couple of screenshots of cat houses. Next post is the finish of Crown of Thorns! 🙂 -MM

Husband will you make this for Coby and Mr. Gray?

Wowsers! Now that’s a cat house!

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