Week 3-1/2 of 80 – Not Impressed With Our Debt – Buyer’s Remorse

So far this week, even though I made the extra payment to that Old Navy balance, and we are still on track, we failed miserably with not eating at home.

I didn’t grocery shop (even though I work at a grocery store) so when it came to making dinners and having stuff for lunches and breakfasts I failed. Then when we were hungry instead of making something or warming something up, we went through the drive thru. Yuck. It sucks going through the drive-thru. I always feel like crap after going through the drive-thru. Greasy fries and burgers do not make me feel good.

Then another food fail was tonight when we went out to celebrate that the Hubbs got yet another side gig. We ate dinner at a local restaurant and were sorely disappointed by the food and the price was ridiculous for just the two of us.

Now I have to say I am extremely hard to please when I go out to eat. I pretty much regret it every time because I know I can make better food for about a 10th of the price I pay out, but my husband always says I didn’t have to cook it so just enjoy it.

Not tonight. I don’t consider myself old but now I am sounding like an old fart because I just can’t believe what things cost! I get it. I am in retail too. I know everything is going up in price but seriously for $60 I expect something to be at least eye appealing. Six small scallops with a small bowl of white rice that was so over cooked it was mush and a piece of lettuce with an old fashioned spiced apple ring and a sliver of lemon is not worth $25. Soup and salad were also included.

Buyer’s remorse. Sixty dollars is gone out of my wallet when I could have purchased almost a full weeks of groceries for us with that money.

I have 80 weeks of blog posts to write and I was totally going to talk about food at some point in the future but after this incident I need to talk about it much sooner.

This is a problem I know we all have. And I know retailers completely take advantage of us tired, overworked, stressed out moms and dads and strip us of our hard earned cash because we just want someone else to cook for once.

We failed with food this week. We will be better next week. I promise. Carry on. -MM