What is Evil’s Role In All of This?

This post isn’t the kind of post I would normally write for my blog but I have been thinking a lot about accountability lately.

I am a Christian, certainly not a perfect one, but I try to do the right thing by others. Lately, however I have been blaming God for my financial situation and in general whatever doesn’t go right in my world.

Why, I ask Him, don’t I have enough money to pay my bills at the end of the week? Why did the toilet clog? Why am I so angry at someone and constantly think about it every minute of the day? Why am I exhausted? yada, yada, yada…

Then a thought comes into my head. Why the hell am I blaming God for all of this? It’s the Devil that’s tempting me. He’s the one that puts that tempting new dress in my view. Buy me! “You would look fabulous in this dress my darling.” “It’s only $50 and you have a 25% off coupon…buy iiiittt.” Then the dress goes on the credit card and not to debt. Not God’s fault. Nope.

We blame God. A LOT.

Ok, so you don’t believe in God and the Devil. That’s fine. Let me put it another way for you. You believe in Good and Evil right? The guy on the white horse dressed in white and the guy on the black horse dressed in black? Optimus Prime and Megatron?

Can you imagine saying to Optimus Prime after he just saved the world from Megatron. “What the heck OP, you just broke my garage and my bank account is empty and my toilet exploded because of you!” I bet Optimus Prime would be standing there with his tractor trailer mouth wide open saying, really?? I just saved you from the big, bad Megatron and your blaming me for your bank account being empty?”

At the beginning of the movie the Incredibles, Mr. Incredible says. “I feel like the maid; I just cleaned up this mess. Can we keep it clean for ten minutes?” I bet that’s how God feels. We make a mess of our lives and God cleans it up only for us to mess it up again.

We have to start thinking what is the Devil’s role or Evil’s role in all of our problems. And don’t forget Evil is not ugly. You wouldn’t think of buying that dress from an ugly, old, hunched over troll would you? That may sound funny but it’s true. Evil is beautiful and alluring. Remember that. Even if ¬†you don’t believe in God and the Devil, Good and Evil are still undebatably real. We even pay good money to watch them in the theater.

We have a choice. It’s up to us what we want to do with our lives. How we want to live. Ultimately it’s ourselves we have to blame for the situation we are in. God gives us free will. Darth Vader tries all the time to get us to come to the Dark Side. For me the Force is stronger. -MM