Week 8 of 80 – Not Impressed With Our Debt -Testing Our Resolve


I wanted to give up many times this week. So many things have come up and have tested my resolve about paying off our debt, but we have pushed past those feelings of doubt for now.

Part of our problem was we were weary from working so hard and not having a day off. It’s hard work paying off our debt but I want to keep going.

Work issues, family issues and maintenance issues on our home have become overwhelming so taking a step back to think about them before reacting has been helpful.

It’s funny though every time I want to say “forget it!” something unexpected happens and I tell myself to keep going.

That unexpected thing this week was a little something extra in one of our paychecks for a job well done. It was a boost to our spirits for sure!

Next week will be a better week. I even plan on paying the school taxes tomorrow. Yes!

Next week is the September monthly update. See you then. -MM



5 thoughts on “Week 8 of 80 – Not Impressed With Our Debt -Testing Our Resolve

  1. Isn’t isn’t great how God provides that little encouragement when we are getting discouraged! This is a tough time in your journey, everything is just bleh, more work, more going without wants, and the numbers, while shrinking, still seem so big. Life is boring and all just work…this is where gutting it out reaps the big rewards, so hang in there, and keep to your plan! I remember when our big treat was to rent a $1.99 movie to watch. 🙂 The whole living simply attitude is similar to going off sugar, at time you crave indulgence, but if you can get past the craving it gets easier and easier. You are doing great, another month and the tunnel will seem much closer! 🏅


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