Not Impressed With Our Debt – Week 16 & 17 – Take Care of Yourself

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The last two weeks have been eye opening for me. If you have not suffered from anxiety, panic attacks and/or had large amounts of stress in your life consider yourself lucky.

While working to pay down our debt (which is stressful enough) Life has thrown us multiple curve balls since September.

When people are under large amounts of stress we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. Doctor’s appointments get missed, we don’t eat right, we certainly don’t get enough sleep and our families, God bless them, get the brunt of our stress and frustration full on.

Two weeks ago I landed myself in the emergency room for uncontrolled nausea and stomach discomfort. I couldn’t stop shaking and I couldn’t get warm. I wanted to crawl out of my skin. It got worse if I tried to lay down. I was crying and miserable and my husband, the wonderful man, was trying his best to calm me down.

After multiple tests and pumping fluids into my system the only thing they came up with was slightly low potassium. They handed me 4 potassium pills and miraculously within an hour the shaking, nausea and discomfort subsided. Hmm..

They aren’t really sure what caused all of this because my levels were all pretty good. What I suspect? Panic attacks, anxiety, and pure stress. My body is just shot from all of it. I can’t seem to handle any kind of stress right now, which is a real bummer because I have always considered myself a very strong person.

I am making some changes in my life that should drastically cut down on my stress level after the new year.

I plan on taking care of myself better and work harder to make sure my marriage stays strong and that my boys are all happy, well fed and feel loved.

I will not stop trying to pay off our debt. It is still my number one goal for the new year but goals are different than priorities.

Goals are future but priorities are now. -MM

Next week: November results!



6 thoughts on “Not Impressed With Our Debt – Week 16 & 17 – Take Care of Yourself

  1. Mary Margaret, This is just a suggestion. I had very similar symptoms brought on by stress, although much more severe. You might want to talk to your doctor about Addison’s Disease. You can do a Google search for more information. It is extremely rare, so no need to panic. However it often goes undiagnosed so I thought I would make you aware. If you are offended ,I apologize That was not my intention.


    • Not offended at all Janice! I always welcome suggestions. Addison’s disease did cross my path during a few of my searches. I will totally keep it in mind. So far other than another small panic attack I have been healthy and symptom free since that incident. Thankfully!


  2. Sending prayers your way Mary Margaret. Girl #2 suffered something similar last year in Italy, and the doc found that her body wasn’t processing the adrenalin, due to stress, so she was going straight to fight or flight mode, over any small adrenalin producing event. 😳 Balanced diet and a noon nap were prescribed. She got over it, once her stress levels evened out, and she got more rest. Hope yours settles down, do take care of yourself!


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