Lactose Intolerant

It’s official (at least in my mind) I am lactose intolerant. Especially after last night’s late night stomach problems after eating macaroni and cheese for dinner.

Most of my adult life I have suffered from what I would call random stomach problems and stomach problems suck right? The most frustrating part is that people love to tell you what they think is your problem (trying to be helpful) but in reality there could be a 1000 different reasons and combinations of foods that make you sick when you eat them so I have just always stayed away from eating much in public. I especially would never eat anything fried or greasy out unless I knew I was going home right after.

About a year ago I had one of the worst bouts of stomach upset I have ever had and it was at a party we were attending. About half an hour into the affair (the other guests said later) I all of a sudden turned green and then I left and headed straight home. All that night I was sicker than a dog. Stomach upset and ache, diarrhea, chills, nausea. I was so frustrated.

At one point a month later I had been feeling pretty good, no stomach upset for a while and then I realized it was because I hadn’t had a glass of milk in weeks. Hmmm…. But I had had ice cream and cheese and such but no pure milk.

Right then and there I stopped drinking milk entirely and voila, no more massive stomach upset. Life-changing to say the least. My doctor was on board with it. She said I didn’t need a test to tell me if I felt better cutting out dairy.

Now I am still able to have dairy once in a while without too much upset but last week I was eating way too much and I was suffering for it. A Klondike bar everyday and mac and cheese (even though I used Lactaid to make it) really bothered me. Not the massive stomach bothering that milk does to me but enough bother to slow me down.

I haven’t tried taking a Lactaid pill before I eat dairy. I will have to experiment with that. At this point I just avoid dairy all together and my tummy thanks me for it.

Don’t worry I will not walk into my next party and announce I am lactose intolerant to everyone. That’s just not my style lol!. -MM

7 thoughts on “Lactose Intolerant

  1. good to hear you’ve worked out what’s not agreeing with you!
    In your shoes, I actually would at least let friends & family know, because they could avoid dairy in future, if you’re invited for a meal ^^
    I learned, a few years ago now (and after 2 emergency visits to hospital in ambulance) , that I have a very severe gluten allergy. The kind that means no gluten at all in my diet, and the carrying of epi-pens in my bag at all times. Family & friends all know, and just find alternatives when cooking if I’m to be there, and in day-to-day life with just me and the husband, it doesn’t cause any problems because we just do all meals gluten free. What I do miss is being able to eat out though, as there are so few menus I feel safe trying.


    • Oh Claire that sounds awful for you! The last remark about not walking in a room was me being sarcastic because Americans like to announce their ailments to everyone as soon as they meet them lol! I’ll be sure to let people know when appropriate but after so many people reached out to me I guess many more people have dairy issues than I guessed. I am definitely not alone in that one. But your situation is much more serious than mine. I am sorry you have to go through it but it sounds like you have a good handle on it. πŸ™‚

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      • lactose intolerance is more common than you’d think, and I’m actually glad I’m not allergic to dairy produce because I do love my cheese, milk & butter ^^ Being GF was a bit of a pain to start with but we’ve just adapted.

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