Week #3 and #4 Pie Challenge

I apologize for my late delivery of week #3 ‘s Pie Challenge. We had a week of mind numbing busyness and Internet connection problems which will hopefully be resolved soon. So here goes! Week #3’s selection was a Brown Sugar, Maple, Apple, Pear Pie. I made the recipe up myself because I had plenty ofContinue reading “Week #3 and #4 Pie Challenge”

Week #2 of Operation Pie – Pineapple Cream

In honor of Labor Day and the hot and humid temps here in Western New York, I decided that the second pie of my pie challenge should be my pineapple cream. It is virtually a no bake pie, especially if you use a store bought graham cracker crust. My Great Aunt Leona used to makeContinue reading “Week #2 of Operation Pie – Pineapple Cream”

Week #1 of Operation Pie – Mississippi Mocha Mud Pie

If you ask the males in our household which they would rather have for their dessert, cake or pie, they would probably say “pie” about 95% of the time. So when I brought the subject of a pie challenge up to Doug his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree in a Chevy Chase movie.Continue reading “Week #1 of Operation Pie – Mississippi Mocha Mud Pie”

A Pallet Garden Fence and My Latest Reads

A PALLET GARDEN FENCE My husband Scott has been saving wood pallets for quite some time now and a few weeks ago while I was at work one Saturday he and Doug made me a fabulous fence made of the pallets. I was stunned when I got home though he had texted me a fewContinue reading “A Pallet Garden Fence and My Latest Reads”

Lunch Date with Doug and Why am I so Tired?

Doug and I decided that a lunch date would be better for us this month because our schedule was very busy  in July. I had been feeling very tired and somewhat miserable and this day was no exception. We were recommended by a friend to try a small restaurant called Otto Tomotto’s in Victor. ItContinue reading “Lunch Date with Doug and Why am I so Tired?”

Locally Owned Stores

First and  foremost I want to start by saying that this post is intending to put a positive light on smaller locally owned stores not put a negative light on larger retailers. Now with that out of the way I want to tell you about my grocery and food shopping habits which have changed tremendouslyContinue reading “Locally Owned Stores”

June’s Date Night with Doug and Teaching Him how to Clean the Kitchen Floor

Date Night With Doug – June For June’s date night with Doug we went all out Mexican. I am not talking about a quickie trip to Taco Bell or Mighty Taco here folks. We drove an hour to taste authentic Mexican cuisine in Medina, NY, but first, date night with Doug always starts off with aContinue reading “June’s Date Night with Doug and Teaching Him how to Clean the Kitchen Floor”

Garden Pics and My Cross Stitch Project

Garden Pics The one good thing about all of the rain we have had lately in NY is that the garden is going gangbusters! In a week the cabbage has tripled in size, the corn is almost knee high and the carrots and beets are making small meals for us and it’s only the endContinue reading “Garden Pics and My Cross Stitch Project”

Turning a Weed Patch into a Usable Garden

The area behind my garage has always given me problems. Years ago when my grandparents had my home they used the space behind the garage for a sunken garden which had blueberry plants and many other things in it through the years. By the time I bought the house the area was a mess fromContinue reading “Turning a Weed Patch into a Usable Garden”

Date Night With Doug

Douglas is my 13 year old son. After reading the Happiness Project , by Gretchen Rubin, I got the idea to take my son on a monthly adventure/date night. The two of us would go out to dinner together and shop for a few necessities once a month. The rules are we have to eatContinue reading “Date Night With Doug”

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